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Pawsitively Prepared: Your Ultimate Cat Adoption Checklist!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Hey there, future cat enthusiasts and potential purr-rents! Ready to embark on the purr-fect adventure of feline companionship? Whether you're a seasoned cat whisperer or a first-time feline friend, this blog is your go-to guide for all things cat adoption. We're here to spill the kibble on what to do and purr-chase before bringing a fluffy ball of joy into your life. From scratching posts to whisker-worthy treats, let's navigate the wonderful world of cat parenthood together – because life is just better with a whiskered sidekick! So grab a cup of catnip tea, get comfy, and let's dive into the whisker-licking good details of welcoming a new fur-iend into your home!

Travel Necessities:

  1. Cat Carrier

  2. Cat Collar and Name Tag

Before you welcome your whiskered wonder into their new kingdom, make sure you've got the feline essentials locked and loaded. A stylish collar isn't just a fashion statement – it's your cat's ID badge in the game of life. Add a splash of personality with a jingling name tag, because, you know, royalty deserves recognition! And let's talk about the cat carrier – your four-wheeled chariot to whisker-worthy adventures! It's not just for vet visits; think of it as your cat's personal Uber to the lap of luxury. So, buckle up, because with these must-haves, you'll be rolling in the purr-fect style, and your cat won't be pulling any disappearing acts on your watch! It is also important to call your local vet and open up a file for them as any pet will require routine check-up’s.

Cat Food:

  1. Dry and wet Cat Food

  2. Water Bowl and/or Water Fountain

  3. Cat Treats

The organization or rescue that you adopt from will tell you which diet your pet is on. Stock up on this food, and if you plan to change their diet, do so slowly in order to avoid an upset stomach. When in doubt, contact your local vet to ensure that your new cat is getting proper nutrition. You will also want to provide both wet and dry food, as wet food provides hydration which can help to prevent certain health issues such as urinary tract infections.

Speaking of hydration, your new cat will need clean drinking water every day. Whether you opt for a bowl or fountain, the important thing is that your cat has access fresh water. The reason many people purchase a fountain is because cats are naturally drawn to running water, and this will entice them to drink, ensuring hydration for good overall health.

Lastly, cat treats should be on every cat owners shopping list. Although they should be given in moderation, these can be a great help when training your cat. They can also be a useful bonding tool to encourage trust when you first bring him or her home.

Toilet Tools:

  1. Litter Box

  2. Pooper Scooper

  3. Cat Litter

  4. Litter Catcher

  5. Litter Deodorizer

When it comes to litter boxes, there are many on the market and choosing the right one only depends on you. If you’re anything like me, you love cats but not so much the poop pick up. If you agree, I would recommend a self cleaning litter box. Some of these don’t even require a scoop!

The litter you choose will depend a lot on which litter box you opt for. If you decide on a self-cleaning box, it should indicate on the package which litter will work with the type of box you have purchased. As a general rule, non-scented is always best for overall pet health.

Whichever litter you buy, a with some litter deodorizer and a litter catcher you will barely notice the extra bathroom! Like the name suggests, litter catchers catch the litter that is thrown from the box when your cat covers their mess. This provides a cleaner space for you and your fur baby.

Grooming Necessities:

  1. Pet Hair Brush

  2. Nail Clippers and/or Nail File

  3. Pet Wipes

Did you know that your cats coat can tell you a lot about his or her health? Keeping your cat properly groomed is essential for overall well-being. You may want to take your cat to the groomer every few months and have them do all the work. That is a great option for those who have the extra money. However, if you want to learn to keep your cat properly groomed at home, this is what you need to do it.

When it comes to grooming, any brush will do. However, from my experience, an anti-mat brush is the best way to go especially for long haired cats like Main Coons. The benefit of these types of brushes is that they they relieve your cat of tangles without pulling on the fur and causing discomfort. When done properly, grooming can be a wonderful way to bond with your cat.

Every cat parent knows about brushing the fur and trimming the nails, but you might be asking, “Why pet wipes when cats clean themselves?” and you would be right. Cat’s are very clean animals that regularly bathe themselves. However, keep in mind that cats are mischievous and often get into things they shouldn’t and having pet wipes around could prevent you and your cat from the stress of having to clean your cat in the tub.

Toys/Boredom Breakers and Furniture:

  1. Scratching Post

  2. Cat climber

  3. Accessible toy storage area

  4. Floor Toys and/or Stick Toys

  5. Interactive Treat Dispenser

  6. Cat Bed

Keeping your cat entertained is something we pet owners love to do. Whether that is sitting on the floor with a stick toy or watching your cat catch a toy mouse, watching your pet have fun is a joy. A scratching post is number one because, well, cats scratch. As humans, we take a nail file and file our nails. Cats do this by scratching. This is a behavior we should allow, and the best way to do this is to provide your cat with his or her designated scratching space.

Many cat climbing toys also come equipped with a scratching post as well. Cat climbers are wonderful for giving your cat space to jump and climb. If you plan to have an indoor cat, you will need to provide them with simulating toys and furniture to keep them from getting bored. Many of these are renter friendly as well!

Another way to keep your cats entertained is to provide them easy access to toys they can play with as they please. When you are at work or busy, you will need to ensure that your cat can still occupy themselves. A great way to do that is placing small toys such as balls or small mice in an accessible basket or box on the floor or on a low shelf. In addition to small toys, every cat parent should consider an interactive treat dispenser. Not only are they fantastic boredom breakers, but they can also be a great way to keep your cat busy if you have a long day in the office.

Last but not least, you will need to provide your cat with somewhere to sleep. They may decide that your lap makes the perfect bed, but having a designated place for your cat is always good so they can spend time alone if they wish. Cats are very independent animals with varying personalities, and they all deserve a small space to call their own.


Cats are wonderful animals and make great additions to any house hold. They are family and should be treated as such. Now that you have read the full Cat Adoption Checklist and have all the necessities, you are ready to give a cat his or her forever home!

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