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Top 10 Must-Have Products I Would Recommend For Every Hamster Owner

When it comes to caring for our hamsters, there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to toys, food, cages, bedding, and more. With so many products on the market, it can be overwhelming for new and even experienced hamster owners to decide which ones are the best for their beloved pets. In this article, I'll be sharing my top 10 recommended products for hamster owners and delving into the reasons why these items stand out as essential choices for providing a happy and healthy life for your tiny companion.

Large Storage Bins

More often than not, traditional hamster cages, though they may seem convenient, can be expensive and definitely not the best choice for our small, burrowing friends. Hamsters are natural runners and burrowers, but they aren't climbers. In my opinion, the optimal cage option for hamsters is a large, clear storage bin, readily available at stores like Walmart or Amazon. Clear bins offer the advantage of visibility – you can observe your hamster, and they can see you, fostering a stronger bond. These bins also provide ample height to accommodate the recommended amount of bedding while minimizing the risk of your hamster's escape, all while ensuring proper ventilation. They also provide your hamster with ample space, unlike pet store cages. So, when setting up the perfect hamster home, I recommend opting for the largest clear bin you can find for a happy and comfortable hamster habitat.

Bendy Bridges

Bendy bridges are versatile wooden accessories that can be easily shaped and molded to fit any space within your hamster's cage. Crafted from pet-safe wood that's perfectly fine for your hamster to chew on without causing harm if ingested, these bridges have become my top choice for hamster cage enrichment. They can be transformed into hides, ramps, or tunnels, providing endless opportunities for creativity and variation in your hamster's habitat. Plus, the flexibility to change their configuration whenever you like makes them an invaluable addition to your hamster's play area. Click the button below to view:

Portable Play Pens

Portable play pens are an absolute essential for hamster owners due to their sheer convenience. Whether you want to give your hamster a safe space to play outside of their cage or need a secure enclosure while you clean their habitat, a play pen is a must-have accessory. When choosing one, it's crucial to opt for a design that doesn't have mesh or bars that your hamster could climb and potentially fall from, risking injury. Instead, look for a playpen that can effortlessly fold and unfold for easy storage and is constructed from solid material to keep your hamster safely contained. You can place bedding or blankets inside without worrying about making a mess, ensuring your hamster has a secure environment to interact with you. After each use, these play pens are easy to clean and store away, making them a practical and safe choice for hamster owners. Click the button below to view:

Recycled Newspaper Bedding

When it comes to choosing bedding for your hamster, there's a plethora of options available, but in my opinion, recycled newspaper bedding stands out as the best choice. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also offers comfort and safety for all hamster breeds. This bedding is crafted from recycled newspaper, with any dyes removed, resulting in high-quality, safe bedding material. It's crucial to steer clear of pine and cedar beddings, as they contain chemicals harmful to pets, and the dust they produce can lead to respiratory issues. Opt for unscented, natural bedding that's sturdy enough to maintain its shape when your hamster creates tunnels within it. These tunnels serve as separate chambers for activities like sleeping and bathroom use. My personal favorite is the clean and cozy newspaper bedding. You can click the button below to view it:

Large Exercise Wheels

Even in a spacious cage, exercise wheels are an absolute necessity for hamsters. I highly recommend opting for a 10-12 inch wheel to ensure your hamster's well-being and avoid any potential spinal damage. In this case, the mantra "the bigger, the better" holds true. When choosing a wheel, make sure it doesn't have bars or mesh, as these features can lead to serious injuries. Instead, go for a large, solid wheel that isn't shaped like a saucer. Hamsters are unable to balance on flying saucers, so they often fall which makes the wheel useless. There are even silent wheels available to prevent any bothersome noise. Your hamster will certainly appreciate having a proper exercise wheel to stay active and healthy.

Natural Chewable Hides

When it comes to selecting hides and houses for your hamster, the choices are abundant, but those crafted from natural and chewable materials reign supreme. Hamsters have a natural instinct to chew, whether it's to gather materials for their nest, maintain healthy teeth, or combat boredom. It's crucial to provide them with safe-to-chew options to fulfill these natural behaviors. Hides made from untreated wood or sturdy, chew-resistant plastics are highly recommended. However, materials like hay should be avoided, as they can lead to digestion issues if inadvertently ingested. While plastic and ceramic can serve as viable options, to offer your hamster the most natural habitat possible, I've found that housing made from natural materials stands out as the best choice.

Paper Towel Rolls and Cardboard Boxes

Paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, and cardboard boxes are fantastic additions to your hamster's environment. What's even better is that they're the most budget-friendly items on this list, as they're easily repurposed from common household items. After finishing a roll, simply remove any remaining paper and excess glue, then place it in your hamster's cage. Your furry friend will love running through and chewing on these items, often using them to create cozy nests. These natural, non-toxic materials offer both entertainment and comfort. You can also get creative by cutting them into different shapes and sizes, enhancing your hamster's mental stimulation with an added element of fun and exploration.

Wood Chew Toys

Wooden chew toys are a versatile addition to your hamster's playtime, coming in various shapes and sizes to keep them entertained while preventing their teeth from overgrowing. Safe wood options include aspen, elm, ash, bamboo, cottonwood, most fruit trees, oak, maple, and balsa wood. Some of these toys even come in the form of small balls that can hide treats, requiring your hamster to work to retrieve them, or more complex nibbling toys. This not only serves as an excellent enrichment tool but can also be a fun activity for you to devise new ways to entertain your furry companion. Wooden chew toys are not only enjoyable but also beneficial for your hamster's dental health and overall well-being.

Heavy Ceramic Bowls

When it comes to choosing food and water bowls for your hamster, heavy ceramic options are undoubtedly the best choice. Hamsters have a knack for making a mess, and lightweight bowls are easily tipped over, resulting in more frequent refills than necessary. With ceramic bowls, this issue is effectively resolved as they are sturdy and difficult for your hamster to tip over. This ensures that your pet has a consistent supply of food and water, reducing the hassle of constant cleanup and refilling, making it a practical and mess-free choice for hamster owners.

Food Houses (flat bottom or top to store food bowls)

Investing in a spacious hideout with a flat top or bottom is a practical move, especially when it comes to placing your hamster's food in the cage. As I mentioned earlier, hamsters tend to be messy eaters, and having a sturdy base for their food bowls, rather than within their bedding, can significantly improve cage hygiene and reduce your workload. Look for a hideout large enough to accommodate the food bowls comfortably. Placing it on top allows you to use a bendy bridge, providing your hamster access to the upper level and adding a bit of extra stimulation in the bedding. Rest assured, this won't pose any problems, as hamsters naturally enjoy burrowing and exploring, making it a thoughtful addition to their living space.

Happy shopping for your beloved hamster companions! These top 10 recommended products and tips are sure to enhance the well-being and happiness of your furry friends. However, remember that there are countless other ways to provide enrichment and care for your hamster, so don't hesitate to explore further resources and ideas. For more hamster-related insights and advice, be sure to check out my blog at Your hamsters deserve the best, and with the right products and knowledge, you can create a comfortable and stimulating environment that they'll thrive in.

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